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The human being is alterable and able to alter.

Bertold Brecht

With its own strength based on the ability of human beings to alter, Humanist Bureau works with the mission to strenghten the policies and practices that would guarantee the full realization of rights to contribute to the establishment of a world of freedom, justice and peace for all living species.

Humanist Bureau provides consultancy services on child rights and human rights for public, private, national and international institutions, local governments, universities, civil society organizations and political parties within the framework of national and international legislation since 2010.

Humanist Bureau provides specialized consultancy services with its co-founders’ and wide network of consultants’ over 30 years of experience in the following areas :

  • Child protection
  • Child neglect – abuse
  • Treatment of child victims
  • Child marriage
  • Child labour
  • Child justice
  • Violence against women
  • Social policy and development
  • Social services
  • Communication and interview techniques

WHY Humanist?

Because humanism aims for human development. Humanism targets a better world here, now and in the future through protection of human rights and liberties, and participatory democracy.

Because humanism believes in human capacity to create a better world. It is the human capacity and responsibility to freely set up one’s own life and find the truth through reason and science.

Because humanism rejects the superiority of human beings over other living species. Humans, being equal members of nature as other species, should live in harmony with nature and stand up against exploitation of all species. 

Because humanism does not avoid any idea, embraces and tries to understand human nature with all aspects. Humanism rejects deference to supernatural beliefs, but not the beliefs themselves; feels responsibility towards values of society and humanity.

WHY Bureau?

Because bureau is a place designated to coordinate efforts for collecting and disseminating information on specific areas.

Bureau compiles existing, generates nonexistent information. 

Bureau adapts information to the users’ need.

Bureau acts as a mediator in knowledge sharing.

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